What’s Out, What’s In for 2012

The Food Network is all sorts of wonderful. It’s an ol’ reliable television pick in our household. This winter break, when my Dad wanted his GolfChannel, I was a sucker for prime time Fox re-runs and my mom was all about her HGTV, the Food Network seemed to be the only remedy to our remote-control ADD. There’s always a program that speaks to the foodie in each of us. So, the Jones’ are big fans. Naturally, I follow the Food Network on Twitter and their latest update was a wonderful tweet…I mean treat:

Hot off the Press: The 2012 Food Trend Predictions…………….

Out: Organic
With the economy in shambles, going full out organic is just way too costly. The clean 15 and dirty dozen lists tell us where it’s best to invest our organic dollar.

In: Going local (Uh…BOO-YA)
Many local farmers follow organic practices, but getting that official organic seal from the USDA is just too costly for them. Many folks also want to support their local economy and farmers.

Now, we didn’t need a list to tell us that, but it is a prettttttty dandy prediction all the same. Looks like we’re ahead of the curve… so keep chompin’ down on those root veggiez… stew does the body good! =)

Loca-lovin’ til next time,

Here’s a little something we’re servin’ up for dinner:
Local (Huntsville, Ontario) Ratatouille…. 

All Ingredients and preserves from Farmer’s Daughter
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